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December 14, 2012
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MAGE: The Dance That Never Was by pancake-waddle MAGE: The Dance That Never Was by pancake-waddle
A shadow dipped close; she felt its breath on her ear. She blinked and the shadow became flesh; a dark-eyed bandit.

“Did you know, Lady Knight, that even criminals have their standards?”

She was still, even as he slipped her hand into his, as easily as drawing on a glove. She felt herself being moved to a strange and languorous rhythm (might she call it a dance?), like an infant ship being gently rocked by a deep-lit sea.

“I have one policy that I hold for myself,” he continued, gaze flitting over the swimming lights, over the sentries posted throughout the room (useless), over the myriad of couples that swayed obliviously, merrily, towards their doom. This place would soon collapse.

“I think you’ll agree that it is a reasonable one.” His tone was amiable, as though he was certain she would have no qualms with anything he might say. A sudden swelling of noise bloomed as the orchestra began to play; he leaned closer to speak. “I don’t allow anyone to steal from me.”

A pause. Her eyes were sharp like crystal even in the dim light.

“Unless,” he inclined his head closer just because he could, “I am reimbursed twofold.”

She hadn’t spoken a word, but he could tell she was listening from the tautness that wrought her slender back. A gentle jostle from an unwitting passerby closed the distance between them; a ghost of a smile hovered on his lips. He spoke into her ear.

“I hope you’re ready to pay me back?”

-The Dance That Never Was


u.. h….some imagined continuation of tricore yeah i’m solly roto totally took…

racquel (c) :iconrubisdelaflote:

also slowly creeps away from all you crazies because i still don’t understand b-but ess...e................ whispers withers away
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popthology Apr 14, 2014  New member
This reminded me of sasusaku 
love your work <3
GManicus Feb 24, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I love this so much! Wonderful job! It's so beautiful. 
Oooh I like the story and I really love the image! It looks really great! Is that from something? Because I really want to know more! I love it!
Thank you very much! It's based off a roleplay involving me and my friend's original characters in the group :iconm-a-ge-plz:.
Oooh very cool >.<
is this a fanfiction of some sorts, because if it is i want to read it! ;p loovvee this picture as well as the little story! plz make more! :)
Hi! It's not fanfiction; they are original characters from an RP group :) Thanks very much!!
Sh1roYasha Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I cant get over this... its beautifully done and expresses so much so simply. The emotions and tension in this were well executed. I don't know what the original characters and story are but regardless you made this speak volumes.
Thank you so much - your comments really mean a lot to me! :heart:
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